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Millies latest X Ray results

Millie had her comparitave x ray yesterday. There have been significant changes to the bone. The vet has said she has 3 options.

To have surgery with a specialist which can be expensive, invasive and complicated with appropriately 12 weeks recovery time and she is likely to still suffer with pain in the joint after it.

2. To keep her on pain killers for the rest of her life and see how she manages. She will not be able to use the leg normally again and will probably be careful with it. Regular bloodwork will be needed to assess her other organs while being on meds longterm.

3. To amputate the leg. Approx 12 days recovery time from surgery. General adjustment to managing on three legs. 

Millies quality of life is what's most important to me. I have chosen to keep her on pain killers for the next two weeks and see how she manages on the leg. I will then make a decision for her from there. ❤️



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