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Meet my family ❤️

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Time to introduce the rest of my family, I'm talking about my 3 dogs of course! I love them to bits and they all have their own funny individual quirks.
First up is little Millie, I've had her the longest. I estimate she was about 2 when I adopted her so she's possibly 10 or 12 yrs old now.
She was a rescue from Cork Dog Action Welfare. I dont know much of her history apart from that she was picked up as a stray and found herself in the pound.
She was beyond terrified when I first brought her home. It took some time before I could even get a lead on her. She has come on leaps and bounds over the years.
She's a teeny tiny whippet mix with the appetite of a beast! She literally never turns down food! She adores to be stroked and loves to cuddle. She has her own little bag that she likes to sit in when we go out for lunch, which often makes onlookers smile. She has a super cheeky side and likes to make her presence known with the sound of her own voice, much to the annoyance of those around her, I'm convinced she has terrier in her mix. Even though she's small, she definitely has the biggest presence out of the three! See you in the next blog post where I'll introduce my second dog, a little blue whippet called Sally.

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