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Pet Portraits

Commission a beautiful custom portrait of your pet. Using your photos for reference, I will create a unique work of art in coloured pencil that will truly capture the soul of your treasured pet. Colored pencil works have the soft look of watercolour paintings with more detail.  If you require a portrait in another medium, I also offer portraits in soft chalk pastels and oil paintings. Due to their slow drying time, the lead time for oil paintings is longer than other mediums.
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Booking is easy

  • Choose your size
  • Email your favourite clear photos
  • Book your place on the waiting list (a non-refundable deposit of €200 is required to book your place) 

I will guide you through the process via email until completion. Once you are 100% satisfied with the completed work and the balance is paid, your pet portrait is dispatched to you via registered post.  


Head portrait measurements are based on the size of the image measured from the top of head to where the neck fades out, this does not include the white space around the image so the overall size of your portrait will be larger. Whole body measurements are based on the size of the image height by width, again this does not include the white space around the image so the overall portrait size will be larger. Framing service available on request. Prices exclude P&P. Prices are listed in euro, please convert prices into your own currency. 

Dogs and cats 


Single  Small (15cm) €560

             Medium (19cm) €655

             Large (23cm) €765

             X Large (33cm) €900

Double Small (2x15cm) €900

              Medium (2x19cm) €1,040

              Large (2x23cm) €1,180

Treble  Small (3x15cm) €1,130

             Medium (3x19cm) €1,450

             Large (3x23cm) €1,650

Full Body 

Single  Small (23cmx16cm) €710

             Large (29cmx22cm) €840

             X Large (35cmx25cm) €925

Double Small (20cmx25cm) €1,995

              Large (27cmx35cm) €1,245

Treble   Large (27cmx42cm) €1,730



Single  Medium (27cm) No bridle €900

                                           With bridle €980

             Large (31cm)      No bridle €1,060

                                           With bridle €1160

Double Medium (2x27cm) €1,520

Treble  Medium (3x27cm) €2,070

Full Body

 Single Medium (12cmx30cm) €845

             Large (30cmx39cm) €985    

 These are guidelines only and sizes and prices may vary depending on subject and composition. I like to keep the focus on the subject so don't normally paint backgrounds however if you would like a background added this can be discussed and added for an additional charge.

For more examples of my commissioned portrait work please visit my Facebook and Instagram

Also check out my mini oil paintings Larger oil paintings also available. 

I retain all reproduction rights on the artwork I create including pet portraits. 

Please contact  me with any questions you may have about commissioning your pet portrait, I'll be happy to help. Xx